Sitaram bagh Temple- One of the oldest temple

seetaram bagh temple

Sitaram bagh Temple- One of the oldest temple

  • Sitaram bagh temple is one of the oldest temple constructed over 25 acres of land with different styles of architecture.

About the Sitaram bagh Temple

  • This Temple is situated in the North-South direction of Mallepally locality near Asif Nagar Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • It is over 25 acres of land.
  • The temple was constructed by a devotee named Sri Puranmal Mahanandaroy in the year 1833.
sitaram Temple Gopuram
Temple Gopuram

Temple Architecture

  • Sitaram bagh Temple is an old and beautiful shrine in Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • In this temple complex we can see structures with different architectural styles including South Indian, Rajasthani, Mughal and European.
  • The temple is surrounded by a 20ft high wall, it gives a fort-like appearance.
Entrance inside the sitaram bagh temple complex
Entrance inside the temple complex
  • The main sanctum of the temple enshrines the idols of Lord Ram and Sita made of marble stone.
  • The temple also has Lord Hanuman, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva and Varadarajaswamy sanctums within the complex.
Deities of Ram, laksham and sita
Deities of Ram, laksham and sita
  • The temple can be reached from three directions – east, west and south.
  • The main gateway is located on the Mallepally-Mangalhat.
  • The entrance is built with huge walls adorned with an exquisite gopuram resting on two walls. These walls have balconies with European features.
  • The temple complex is entered through a zigzag path and one had to come through a series of quadrangular courtyards, each of it is noted for its architectural grandeur.
Stepped well
Stepped well
  • The temple has- the canopied overhanging balcony built in Rajasthani style, a mandapam made of stone is built in South Indian style, three stepped wells and many rooms adorned with stucco decorations.
canopied overhanging balcony
canopied overhanging balcony
  • When one enters the courtyard they get overwhelmed by the style, grace and scale of the different structures and architectural elements.
  • Sitaram Bagh temple is combined of the Moghul-Rajput styles with Qutub Shahi architecture.
  • Some of the structures in this temple are said to be about 200 years old.
mandap inside sitaram bagh temple
mandap inside temple
  • There are two domed pavilions near the temple built in Indo-European style, it was constructed in memory of Puranmal and his son, Premsukh Dasji.
Domed pavilion
domed pavilion

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