Noddy- Make way for Noddy!


Noddy, a fictional character created by English children’s author Enid Blyton. It is said that Enid Blyton took inspiration for Noddy from a village named Stud land in Dorset where she used to spend her holidays every summer.

It was first appeared in book series published between 1949 and 1963. The Noddy shows have run on British television since 1955.

Noddy stories
Noddy stories

Noddy books

The original 24 Noddy books written by Enid Blyton was were published between 1949 and 1963.

No.Book nameYear
1.Noddy Goes to Toyland1949
2. Hurrah for Little Noddy 1950
3.Noddy and His Car 1951
4.Here Comes Noddy Again! 1951
5.Well Done Noddy! 1952
6.Noddy Goes to School 1952
7.Noddy at the Seaside 1953
8.Noddy Gets into Trouble 1954
9.Noddy and the Magic Rubber1954
10.You Funny Little Noddy1955
11.Noddy Meets Father Christmas 1955
12.Noddy and Tessie Bear 1956
13.Be Brave, Little Noddy! 1956
14.Noddy and the Bumpy-Dog 1957
15.Do Look Out, Noddy1957
16.You’re a Good Friend, Noddy 1958
17.Noddy Has an Adventure1958
18.Noddy Goes to Sea 1959
19.Noddy and the Bunkey 1959
20.Cheer Up, Little Noddy! 1960
21.Noddy Goes to the Fair 1960
22.Mr. Plod and Little Noddy 1961
23.Noddy and the Tootles 1962
24.Noddy and the Aeroplane1963
Books written by Enid Blyton

The first book describes how Noddy reaches toy land. He is made by a woodcarver in a toy store but runs away after seeing a lion carving by the man. He meets big ears, who sends him to toy land.

Major characters in Noddy books

Big Ears– a wise gnome who lives outside the you land and he is a wellwisher of Noddy.

Tessie Bear– Noddy’s girl friend who is a friendly kind hearted and cleaver teddy bear.

Mr. Plod– is a policeman in toy land.

Sly and Gobbo– they are mischievous goblins who steals things in toy land

Dinah Doll– a china doll, She sells all kind of things in the market.

Bumpy Dog– a pet dog of Tessie Bear, also accompanies Noddy.

Characters in Noddy books
Characters in Noddy books

Minor characters in Noddy books

  • Little Ears
  • Mr. Golly
  • Sammy Sailor
  • Mr. Noah
  • Mrs. Noah
  • Stinky
  • Bert Monkey
  • Mr. Tubby Bear
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Teddy Tubby Bear
  • Miss Prim
  • Bunkey
  • Sneaky and Stealthy
  • Mr. Milko

Repeated appeared characters

  • Noddy’s Car
  • Master Tubby Bear
  • Clockwork Mouse
  • Mr. Wobblyman
  • Miss Harriet
  • Gibert Golly
  • Mr. Jumbo
  • Mr. Sparks
  • Martha Monkey
  • Mr. Train Driver
  • Twinkly
  • Tricky Teddy
  • The Skittles
  • Clockwork Clown

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