Famous Ganesh idol in India.


Famous Ganesh idol in India.

History of Khairatabad Ganesh

The famous and tallest Ganesh idol is installed during Ganesh chaturthi at Khairatabad, Hyderabad in Telangana state of India. The first Ganesh idol was installed on 8th September 1954 at Khairatabad by the person named Shankaraiah. He was a freedom fighter and he established the pandal at Khairatabad during the freedom struggle with an aim to gather people of that region together at that place. The first Ganesh idol was one foot tall. There after Khairatabad place had become famous land mark in Hyderabad and is known to almost everyone.

First Khairatabad Ganesh idol
First Khairatabad Ganesh idol

About the famous idol

Every year they started increasing the height of idol by one foot and by the year 2014 the height reached to 60 feet. Then after that the committee of Khairatabad Ganesh Utsav decided to stop increasing the height of idol and started to decrease by one foot. By the year 2018 the height of idol reached to 55 feet, due to the decrease in height the devotees were disappointed and the committee again increased the height to 61 feet in the year 2019. The committee decided to maintain the same height in further years and not disappoint devotees but due to pandemic the idol height was dropped to 9 feet in 2020. The construction of the idol will be started few months before from the day of festival. A number of people will work for the idol.

60 feet Khairatabad Ganesh in 2014
60 feet Khairatabad Ganesh in 2014

Celebrations during the festival period

The celebrations start from the day of festival that is Ganesh chaturthi till eleventh day. Different rituals will be performed by the devotees till the last day. People from different parts of the state and different parts of the country will come to visit Khairatabad Ganesh mahotsav. There will be a huge crowd seen at the mahotsav during the festival period. A number of shops and food stalls will be seen. The committee provides high security with many CCTV’s for people convenience. Many VIP’s and celebraties from different state also come here to worship Ganesh. In the year 2020 the celebrations seemed to be missing and people were provided with online dharshan. (Khairatabad Ganesh 2021)

crowd at Khairatabad Ganesh
crowd at Khairatabad Ganesh

Famous Khairatabad Ganesh laddu

Khairatabad Ganesh laddu is also famous. The laddu size also increased with the increase in the height of the Ganesh idol. In the year 2015 the laddu weighted 6000kg!
In the past years the laddu was kept for auction and sold to the highest bidder. The devotees believe that who buys the laddu will be blessed with good wealth, health and prosperity. In later years the committee stopped auction and started distributing the laddu to the devotees.

famous Ganesh laddu
Khairatabad Ganesh laddu

Immersion of the idol

After the period of ten days on eleventh day the idol will be immersed in Hussain sagar.
Many people come on immersion day for the last day dharshan of the Ganesh. The idol will be taken on a large vehicle and will be immersed in the Hussain sagar along with the other idols from different parts of the city.

crowd at famous Ganesh shoba yatra
crowd at Khairatabad Ganesh shoba yatra
famous Ganesh idol immersion in Hussain sagar
Khairatabad Ganesh idol immersion in Hussain sagar