Does Tooth worm exist?

Tooth worm

Does Tooth worms exist?

Do you have a hole in your tooth, are you suffering from a tooth pain, then there is an evil tooth worm inside your tooth for sure. Be careful, this monster worm will eat up your tooth from inside and cause a strong pain. These worms are red, blue and grey in colour.

Don’t panic, infact the tooth worm is a superstition. There is no tooth worm at all. If is just a myth which is believed since 5000 BC.

Tooth worm
Tooth worm

History behind the myth

In ancient times people didn’t understand the reason behind the tooth decay as there were neither dental hospitals nor dental schools to learn about oral hygiene. So due to the unknown reason behind the teeth hole, the myth of tooth worm was born.
In later years doctors replaced this superstition with medical theory. But still there are some people who believe in tooth worm. And there are also places where the tooth worms are removed from the teeth.

Tooth worms were believed all over the world, it have also been noticed in ancient Chinese scripts since 1500 BC. The script, engraved on the bone, describes an attack of a tooth worm on the mouth and teeth. The people of Middle ages and the Roman Empire also believed in this myth. People believed that tooth worms are found inside the teeth, gums and beneath the tooth.

Tooth worm carving

Reasons for belief in myth

There is a tiny worm like structure inside the teeth, researchers doesn’t know exactly what it is. In ancient times people might have thought this structure as tooth worm.

In ancient times people used well water for drinking. The well water used for drinking may contain Guinea worms, if people used this water they might experienced baby worms expelled out by Guinea worm. So, they might have thought these worms were tooth worms. (It is said that when a pregnant Guinea worm is in cold water it can release nearly 500,000 baby worms)

Another reason is Henbane seed. This was a seed of Henbane plant which was use for curing medical problems in olden days. This plant seeds were also used to cure tooth problems. The seed were burnt in charcoal and the fumes were inhaled by the person with tooth problem. The ash of the burnt seed looked like worm and also the plant has the healing properties so by using this treatment tooth problems of people were solved, by this they strongly believed that tooth worm exists.

Henbane plant
Henbane plant

Tooth worm or Tooth decay

People get attracted to variety of foods. They eat up whatever they like and foods that look tempting. We can eat whatever we like but it is also important to clean our teeth and mouth well. When we eat lots of carbs and sugars, tooth decay starts if we doesn’t clean out teeth properly. It causes plaque on the teeth and across gums, holes will be formed on the Tooth and causes strong pain. Tooth decay and cavities may cause severe problems if untreated.

To avoid tooth decay and cavities one must maintain proper oral hygiene. This can be done by brushing teeth twice a day, keeping mouth fresh, regular follow up with dentist, avoiding sugary drinks etc.

This problem of tooth decay was misunderstood as problem caused by tooth worm in the ancient times.

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