Bigg Boss- The reality game show

Bigg Boss

About the game

Bigg Boss is the famous reality TV game show in India. It is a franchise based on a reality show in Dutch, named as Big Brother. In this game show some number of contestants are sent inside a beautifully constructed house. They are known as housemates. These people should stay within the house and are isolated from the outside world. This game show is divided into weeks and each weekend one contestant gets eliminated out of the show. The remained final contestant will be the winner. The elimination is done according to the public vote.

Bigg Boss in different languages

Originally Bigg Boss was first started in Hindi language and later in other Indian languages which are- Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam. The first Bigg Boss season in Hindi was started in the year 2006 through Sony TV and then later from second season it is been debuted in Colors TV. In the year 2013 the game show was extended in Kannada and Bengali languages. The Kannada Bigg Boss runs in Colors Kannada and the Bengali show in colors Bangla. In 2017 the franchise was extended in Tamil and Telugu. Tamil show is seen in star vijay and Telugu show in star maa. Later in 2018 it extended its presence in Marathi and Malayalam language through Colors Marathi and Asianet.

Bigg Boss different languages
Bigg Boss in different languages

Inside the House

In this game show, people known as house mates should live together for a period of time isolated from the outside world. The show will be hosted by a popular person throughout the season and he or she will appear only in the weekends. Inside the house there are several cameras through which housemates are monitored and they should wear microphones through which their audio is recorded.

Bigg Boss House
Bigg Boss House

Housemates will be given several tasks by the Bigg Boss to perform. Sometimes individual secret tasks will also be given. The contestants will be given some rules and they should follow them strictly. Every week each  housemate is allowed to nominate the other  housemates and then the people with higher nominations will be announced and then the viewers vote for their favourite contestant through missed call and online voting. In the last day of the season the final winner will be announced. The winner will be given the trophy and the price money.

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