Baby myths (Myths and facts about babies)

Baby myths

From the first day the baby is born, myths are also born. People specially elderly people believe a lot of myths regarding a baby. Different people from different regions follow variety of myths.

Some myths believed regarding a baby

Baby’s soft spot
Usually all the babies have two soft spots on their head, they are called as fontanels. The soft spot is a space between the skull bones where the bone formation is incomplete. The spot closes as the babies grow. There is a myth believed by some people regarding this soft spot. Elder people say that the soft spot should be pressed hardly with oil then only baby’s head becomes strong and they will be able to hold heavy weight on their head when they grow up. This is just a myth and baby’s soft spot should be handled smoothly, applying pressure may hurt brain.

Baby's soft spot
Baby’s soft spot

Baby’s nose
By the end of the pregnancy basic elements of baby’s nose will be formed but not completely. Their nose will become somewhat flattened as they come out through the birth canal during delivery. It will take from weeks to months to develop nasal bridge completely. This is normal, but most people believe that pinching baby nose while massaging brings it to a proper shape. This is a myth and in fact pinching their nose will hurt them. Doctors recommend to avoid doing that.

Newborn baby nose
Newborn baby nose

Drinking water
Babies drink mother’s breast milk from the first day they are born. Due to some reasons some mother’s may not be able to offer breast milk to their babies in such cases babies are fed with formula milk. Babies should not be given anything even drinking water until six months except breast milk or formula milk. Anything other than milk should be offered only if needed or recommended by doctor. Some people believe that babies from the age of three to four months specially in hot seasons, require plain water and they start giving water to baby. The little ones doesn’t require water upto few months and infact it may cause harm to their little stomach and developing kidneys.

Baby’s teeth
It is believed that a mother should not touch baby gums while teething, if a mother touches the gum, they get gum pain while teething.

Baby walkers
People believe that baby’s learn walking early if they use walkers. But it is just a myth and infact some studies say that babies who use walkers walk late than babies who doesn’t use walkers. Buying a walker to make a baby happy, so that they move around with a smiling face is fine but do not expect them to learn walking through a walker. Using it for a limited time, usually using at playing hours will be better.

Baby walker
Baby walker

Picking a crying baby
Elders say that picking up and holding a crying baby will spoil them but it is just a myth and in fact crying is a way in which babies try to communicate. If they are crying, it means they want their parents or caregivers to pick them and hold in their hands. They cry when they are hungry, bored, stomach pain or when they need pampering etc.

Crying baby
Crying baby

Bread and milk
Some people believe that mothers who eat  more bread and milk while breastfeeding will increase milk production but it is not true, a balanced diet should be followed to increase milk quality and production.

Baby’s cold
People believe that if a mother is having cold then it infects her baby through her breast milk. But it is not true, cold only spreads through air, like if a mother sneezes, coughs or talks on baby’s face.

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