Blessed with a Baby, wow! What a wonderful feeling that is, isn’t it. Becoming a mother or father is an un expressible feeling for everyone. Starting from the first day, after baby’s birth, parents are very caring and concerned about each and everything regarding their little one. All the time a new things will be striking in parents mind about their baby till they grow up to a certain stage. Some new born babies, may be most of the new born babies doesn’t sleep at night and obviously doesn’t allow their mothers to sleep, they do this for few days or some babies continue this for few months, OMG!. Yes this is true, but a mother never feels it like a problem and cares her baby with patience.

sleepless nights with new born Baby
sleepless nights with new born

Babies develop different activities at each stage. Let us shortly read about baby development.

Babies, From one to three months

  • The early thing that a baby does is smiling, in the beginning they smile to themselves but within three months they start smiling to others that means when you slime at them they’ll smile back at you as a response.
  • They try to raise their head.
  • Catch objects in their hands with grip.
Baby's cute smile
Baby’s cute smile

From four to six months

  • Get control over their head.
  • Laugh loudly.
  • Start rolling from from front to back and back to front.
  • Pull things, specially your hair.
  • Start sitting with some support.
Babies lie on stomach
Baby lying on stomach

From seven to nine months

  • Start responding to few words like their name.
  • Sit without support.
  • Crawl on their stomach and later with their knees and hands.
  • Learn things like clapping, saying hello, bye etc.
  • They try to get up by pulling things.
  • Start saying some words.
Babies start crawling
Baby crawling

From ten to twelve months

  • Start taking their first steps with some help.
  • Try to copy things that you do.
  • They try to feed themselves by taking food between their little fingers.
Babies start feeding themselves
Baby feeding herself

For every parents, every little moment of their baby is a memory because day by day they grow up and those cute moments of them can’t come again.

Happy parents with baby
Happy parents!

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