Are you a dog lover, then learn few things about a dog


Are you a dog lover, then learn few things about a dogs

Dogs are good companions of human beings since more than twelve thousand years. Many people around the world choose dogs has their pet. There are many dog lovers, humans love dogs and they do understand their feelings through their behaviour. There are many myths and facts believed regarding dogs.

Some myths and facts about dogs-

The dryness and wetness of a dog’s nose indicates its health

It is said that if a dog’s nose is dry then it is sick. But a dog’s health doesn’t depend on dryness or wetness of the nose, the nose temperature may change according to the daily activity. The dog’s health can be predicted by observing changes in its daily routine.

Dog's nose
Dog’s nose

When a dog wags its tail then that means it is a friendly dog

People think wagging tail of a dog indicates that it is a friendly dog. But be careful we cannot predict the nature of strange dogs. Never touch or approach a dog without the owner permission. There are many reasons behind the wagging tail of a dog. The dog wags its tail when it is exited, happy, fear, hungry, agressive and anxiety. So don’t misunderstand a dog’s behaviour.

Dogs can see only Black and white shades

Dogs can see several colours and they are not totally colourblind. Their retina contains two photo receptors which are necessary for seeing colours. Compared to human eye dog’s eye can see less colours.

Dogs consume grass when they are ill

Dogs eat grass when they feel sick or uneasy but it cannot be applied all the time because dogs may eat grass for other purposes also, like when they are bored, behavioural change, displacement and they also eat for fun.

Dog eating grass
Dog eating grass

Dogs can’t learn new things as they get older

It is not true that only a younger dog can learn new things and not an older dog. They can learn new things but they may not show much interest like young dogs. This may be because of their laziness, tiredness, old age, less patience and less strength etc

Seven human years is equal to one dog year

This is not true because dogs age depends on its breed, size and genetics. An average life span of small dogs is 15 to 18 years and that of large and giant dogs is 7 to 10 years. So do not compare dog’s age with human age.

Dogs mouth is cleaner than humans

People believe this myth because dog’s wound gets cured soon when it licks over that area. But the fact is when the dogs lick the wound, the waste tissues get wiped off and the blood flow increases, which allows to heal soon. So dogs mouth is not cleaner than humans and instead it is more dirtier if not maintained.

Dog's mouth
dog’s mouth

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